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Playground equipment made of creative ideas and robinia

Welcome to the SIK-Holz web site and thank you for your interest in our playground worlds made of creative ideas and robinia wood. Discover the world of SIK-Holz and benefit from more than 29 years of experience that make our products the number one choice.


A Playground for little electors

In Bonn-Röttgen you feel brought back in the age of baroque at the new playground «Am Hölder». In remembrance of elector Clemens August Ⅰ., who had his hunting lodge «Herzogsfreude» in the nearby woodland of Kottenforst, a lot of playground equipment and design elements mirror the past of Röttgen recently. But not only the elector ... more

Exciting world travel at Ketteler Hof

Travelling through the universe is an excellent idea for thematic playground creation. The children move from one theme world in the next, while playing. From town, through mountains, the sea and around the earth, until they reach the space. Playing together helps the children to learn more effective.  ... more

Discovering the world of volcanoes

The leisure park «Vulcania» in the French Auvergne is the world’s largest theme park for volcanoes and earth sciences. The fatal consequences of volcanic eruptions are shown in spectacular fashion at a museum with a square footage of 200 m². Equally impressive is an HD projection on a 415 m² screen of a journey  ... more

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