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The company SIK-Holz® is a medium-sized owner managed business in Fläming, south of Berlin. In 1988, on the site of a dairy plant, we created a master woodworking workshop, with a specialisation on the planning, design and production of individual children’s play equipment using robinia wood. The name SIK-Holz® doesn’t just stand for unique robinia wood products, it also stands for around 200 people who make these products. These people are primarily cabinet makers, carpenters, and wood carvers, but we also employ metal workers, engineers, and commercial people. They all contribute to the success of the company due as they all bear a lot of responsibility. At SIK-Holz ® you will find all the business areas under one roof – from design, to production of the play equipment, to assembly on site. You can track a product from the raw timber stage to finished article through all the production areas.

Datas and facts about our 25-year-old history you can find in the PDF-Brochure, which you can download here.

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