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A playground for Jerusalem

Jerusalem is located approx. 4000 km from Berlin but is so close again these days. The origin of our Christmas and our Christian occidental traditions started here. Also the Jewish and the Muslim religion have deep roots in this city. All three monotheistic religions gave Jerusalem the nickname “Holy City” which is why they consider the place to be blessed especially by God. Therefore, all three religions raise a claim on the city and turn with all their strength against the claims of the others. Presumably no city in the world has been so often destroyed and rebuilt in its history as Jerusalem. The conflict continues and it raises the question of whether there can ever be peace for this city?

Perhaps playgrounds can become here little glimmers of hope for a peaceful coexistence where children play together without being assigned to a particular religion. A new playground was inaugurated this fall in Jerusalem – Sanhedrin. A large climbing-balancing-unit with many platforms, bridges, entrances and exits for older children, mini-courses for the little ones, swings and seesaws made of crooked robinia timbers were planned and built by SIK-Holz, packed in four large containers and shipped to Israel via the North Sea, the Atlantic and the Mediterranean in about 14 days. After all customs and safety service paperwork were completed, our Israeli partner N.E. LABA from Petah Tikva had literally to drill all equipment into the rocky landscape of Jerusalem.

For the public opening of the square many Jewish dignitaries including the Minister of Cultural Heritage of Jerusalem Zeev Elkin and the mayor Nir Barkat came to open the playground together with the children in a peaceful ceremony. It remains to be wished that the play equipment is played by many children from the most different cultural circles.

Finally it remains to be desired that the play equipment is used by many children from all different cultural areas. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our Israeli partner N.E. LABA for this good cooperation.

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