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Animals in National Parcs

In the heart of the Harz National Park, right next to the National Park Monument in Torfhaus, is where you will find the Torfhaus National Park Visitor Centre. From here, you can see breathtaking views to the Brocken mountain and into the Radau valley. This is also the starting point for exciting excursions into the wilderness of the Harz Uplands.
The visitor centre opened in 2009 and continues the successful work of the Altenau-Torfhaus National Park Centre which opened in 1994. The Harz National Park contributed to this positive development again this year. Harz National Park is now expanding its offering for Torfhaus’s guests with the generously and attractively designed areas outside the Torfhaus National Park Visitor Centre and the installation of a new visitor guidance system which connects directly to the network of trails.

What catches your eye is an enormous looking wooden carving which represents a magical fusion of Harz's flora and fauna. Giant ferns break through the stone floor and rise up 6 metres towards the sky – lynx, fire salamander, rainbow trout, pygmy owl and dragonfly are all catching a ride on the fronds. More oversized ferns made of wood accompany visitors on their way into the national park towards the Brocken mountain and provide literary nature quotes. Particularly colourful animal sculptures also vie for visitors attention.

The sculptures and carvings were designed by the designer Kerstin Müller and created with a particularly sculptural quality under her supervision by employees of SIK-Holz®.
We would like to thank Ms Müller for her excellent and uncomplicated collaboration and also the national park for this interesting commission.

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