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Award-winning sculptor work

The European design award exists in its entirety since 25 years and was awarded by the State Guild of Wood Carvers in the federate state of Baden-Wuerttemberg this year for the 10th time. In 2016, forty-four artworks submitted to the design competition by wood sculptors from Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Austria, had been shortlisted.
The challenging global theme of the competition, which the young sculptors had to face, were the global “networks”, that evolve more and more into a communication instrument that carries both power and impotence in itself, as well as into a symbol of freedom of thought and action. Has the cyber world become the mirror of a young society, or is it both a blessing and a curse?

According to the five-member jury, there was a very impressive overall quality of all forty-four works, which were characterized in particular by a high level of technical skill and creative implementation. The jury further elaborated that tradition is characterized by diversity and especially with the topic “network”, a pronounced individuality is recognizable. On the 12th of May 2016, the winners were awarded at a ceremony at the Karlsruhe Regional Administrative Authority.
Among the three young winners of the ProWood Foundation is SIK Holz® employee Bastian Tabert (2nd from right) from Jüterbog. He learned the craft of wood sculptor in a three-year training in our company and will qualify for master sculptor this year.

His work is titled: “Atlas”. It represents an analogy to the mythology around this Titan. It describes a person in modern society, driven by pressure of time and pressure to perform. For this we use in particular our modern technical facilities, such as smartphones and Internet, represented by the smartphone in the left hand of the sculpture. Over the almost countless networks to which we have access, we have the opportunity to interact with almost every person on earth. The globe on the shoulders of the sculpture is on the one hand a symbol for our potential to get in contact with almost everyone on our planet and to optimize our performance, and on the other hand for the huge burden that comes with it and which we have to shoulder.
So, Atlas must kneel down deeply to be able to lift the load. Nevertheless, he is in a dynamic forward movement and has always his smartphone in view to be up to date. The pedestal on which the Atlas stands, is a part of a sidewalk and shows the typical place where modern man hastily moves on.
“Multitasking”, a now much-used expression and attribute of our culture, is illustrated here by the fact that the Atlas, neatly dressed in a business suit, handles multiple tasks simultaneously. This is represented by the carrying of the globe, the running motion, and the handling of the smartphone.
The three-dimensional sculpture was carved from lime wood with chisels and rasps and has a size of 46 × 32 × 20 cm.

The exhibition can be seen at the moment at the Karlsruhe Regional Administrative Authority in Baden-Wuerttemberg. From there it goes to the Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein, Saxony and then on to Brussels to the Representation of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg to the European Union. It ends on the 29th of September 2016 with a closing ceremony.
Only in the fall the “Atlas” will reach its final place in the showroom of the company SIK Holz®. Because Bastian Tabert not only convinced the jury with his work, but also our CEOs, who acquired the work of art without further ado.

The European design award for this very sophisticated craft masterpiece is also an evidence of the very good training at our company. For 20 years we train young people in this profession. Their achievements are reflected in many wood designs at playgrounds and urban spaces in Germany and Europe.

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