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Dinosaur Playground

The new occupants of the Mittelstraße playground in Magdeburg were greeted with a large children's festival on 29 October, 2013. The reorganisation of the space went out for child input, at which the topic of “prehistoric times” emerged. With the wish list of the children on the topics of dinosaurs, and area planning with two play areas, there was a competition advertised for design of the space through the government operated “City Gardens and Cemeteries” of the city of Magdeburg. SIK-Holz® won the competition and, after an award meeting, was commissioned with the implementation. Due to the flooding of the Elbe in spring building of the playground was delayed by 3 months. Thus the planned summer festival became a nice autumn festival.

The play area for the older children is dominated by a large climbing forest. From a lofty tree hideout the children can now look at the large “triceratops” who has only just laid its eggs in a large nest. Many climbing, balancing, swinging and hiding options are offered by the climbing forest. However, the most exciting of these for the children is to climb inside the “triceratops” itself, as the size and design comes very close to its ancestors. Not far away from him a “sabre tooth tiger” turns on its own axis and dances with the children. Next to him is a swing on which a small archaeopteryx has landed. A flying dinosaur has also landed on the ground. Climbing, jumping and sliding, the children can move around on his rubbery wings. At the edge of the climbing forest a see-sawing snake has saved itself before is eaten or trampled on by the larger dinosaurs. There is quite a lot of acrobatic skill required to balance on it without falling.

Opposite the climbing forest it looks more like a construction site, where the younger children are busy with small dinosaur babies. Calm and relaxed, the dinosaur mother watches the playing children, letting the small ones climb up on her back and slide down on her tail. The play offerings are supplemented in this area with swing and see-sawing elements that are framed with “prehistoric” animals.

We thank the staff of the government operated “City Gardens and Cemeteries” of the city of Magdeburg for the trust placed in us, and hope that the big and small visitors to the Mittelstraße playground enjoy many fun and eventful hours at the new prehistoric oasis in the middle of the state capital of Magdeburg.

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