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Dinosaurs in a glacial valley

The dinosaurs – extinct millions of years ago – still inspire our imagination today. Not least because of numerous documentaries and feature films, such as Jurassic Park, but also thanks to the exhibition of their last remains in major museums around the world. Fascinated by the diversity and size of this creature that also once lived in our world, the working title “Dinosaurs in a glacial valley” was created for the redesign of the Am Bäkequell playground in Berlin. Two schools that use the playground intensively were involved in the planning. The primary school “Grundschule An der Bäke” and the “Johann-August-Zeune Schule”, a school for blind and visually impaired children. In their models and drawings they showed how they imagine their playground and what is particularly important to them. On this basis, the parks commission, headed by Horst Suhrhoff, organised an artistic competition. The results were in turn presented to the children and evaluated by a jury.
SIK-Holz® won the contract and was commissioned with the realisation of the project. Unfortunately not all ideas could be implemented as the budget for the playground equipment had to be cut because of a necessary soil examination.

A Tyrannosaurus welcomes visitors at the entrance of the first area. Next to it a prehistoric snake revolves on the side panel of a carousel. You can climb over large climbing rocks up a hill. On large “cargo nets” you have place to rest and a have good view of the playground. A zip line takes you from the hill down into the play area. This is particularly aimed at children and young people. In the centre here is a large piece of climbing and balancing equipment that offers many challenges and resting spots for older children. Next to it is the jungle tower with a viewing platform, a drop and spiral slide and climbs ranging from easy to difficult. At the top of the tower there is the nest of a pterosaur to discover, who keeps an eye on his nest from the climbing and balancing equipment.

The second area is mainly aimed at children and toddlers. There is a large water and sand play area which can also be played in by those in wheelchairs. For the little ones there is a small climbing rock with a slide and two ride-on animals. On the other side is a retreat area with two play houses for role playing games.
The third area was equipped with active movement elements, such as a big selection of swings and a trampoline. Another special feature of the playground is that the blind and visually impaired children can also easily find their way around. At the entrance there is an information board written in Braille and in front of each play area there is a board in Braille that explains the individual play equipment. In addition, there are ropes on the posts, which work as a hand rail, leading to the slide, carousel or swings.

We would like to thank all those involved for their excellent cooperation and wish all visitors lot of fun with the dinosaurs in the glacial valley.

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