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Games, Fun and Adventure at SIK-Holz

In our role as sponsor to Class 4b of the Thomas-Müntzer primary school in Blönsdorf, we organise joint events several times a year.
This time, we arranged to meet up on 12 March 2014 to make a wooden shape-based toy with the children. The idea for the toy was developed by Eckhardt Güthling (Master Wood Carver). He put the children under the guidance and support of Steffen Meister (Deputy Production Manager). The 14 children who were present were split into groups for the individual steps. As preparatory work, all the children had to sand all of the edges on the slats and circular discs to make them smooth – it was hard work. Then, the groups worked with compasses, centring equipment and marker pens. While one group watched Mr Meister working with the drill, the next group was able to get involved again by sanding down the rough edges of the drill holes. A wonderfully individual dice game was created for each child, even for those pupils who had been unable to attend.

After work it was time for pleasure. We hit the nearby playground in Langenlipsdorf with the children. The SIK-Holz playground equipment and open spaces invited them to go wild after all the concentrating. Then, Steffen Meister had prepared a delicious grilled sausage for everyone back at the company premises just in time for our return. We all enjoyed our meal in the beautiful sunshine.

Another highlight of the day was the surprise spring performance which the children of Class 4b had planned. All of the female SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH staff were invited as it was four days after Women’s Day – the perfect occasion. All the women were presented with a rose and a self-made spring mandala and poems and songs were performed by the class.

It was a lovely day which we will remember fondly. Thanks to the organiser, Mrs Klute, who arranged this day with us. Many thanks also to the parents who arranged lifts to transport the children there and back. Heike Lindemann

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