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It's moving forward on the Blücherpark playground in Cologne

If you look online for the Blücherpark playground in Cologne you find: “Old, unmaintained playground, highly frequented, because it is in the middle of the park. Below is a football pitch and a few meters further, a small lake with boat station … “. The accompanying photos confirm this description. On a large sandy area you predominantly see climbing frames made of steel, which are scattered around the area and have no spatial relationship to each other. Out of five possible stars, this playground has received only one. The reference to a lake with boat station suddenly brings a different, more romantic image to mind.

Members of the Lebenswert (worth living) Protestant Free Church community also have another image in mind of the playground in the future. Many of them live in the immediate vicinity of the Blücherpark and are actively committed locally for the people. Just like Field Marshal Blücher, who because of his offensive troop leadership in the wars of liberation against Napoleon in 1813-14, went down in history as “Marshall Forwards”, they “attacked” the redesign of the playground in their own way.
In summer 2013 the project was first presented with its own stand at the 100th anniversary celebration of the park. In September, a workshop of ideas with children followed in the playground. The technical planning and implementation of the entire project was undertaken by the landscape architect Jessica Lüdenbach from the office STADT + NATUR (CITY + NATURE) in close consultation with the City of Cologne. This also acts as owner and operator of the playground and is therefore also responsible for the maintenance.

The start of the realisation of one of the first milestones of the project, which is based largely on donations, is a custom play and exercise area from SIK Holz. This was unveiled on time with an excellent playground festival at the beginning of the 2014 summer holidays. The new play equipment in the Blücherpark is very popular and is played on by large numbers of the children.

However, the new play equipment is just a part of the project. The journey is its own reward. Together it will continue to be dug and planted. The project lives on participation, people “getting the bug” and from giving. Willing supporters are welcome.
You can find more information on the project on the homepage of the Lebenswert (worth living) Protestant Free Church community or on the Blücher playground Facebook page.

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