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National winner in craftsperson competition

For the third time an apprentice of SIK-Holz® has won the highest award of German crafts in the category of woodcarving. Federal President Joachim Gauck personally participated in the winner’s celebration on December 2013 at the Hansemann training centre of the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts, and spoke to the national winners from the 2013 year.

Of the 255 national winners from 127 professions, 111 were awarded 1st place. Amongst them was André Teubert from SIK-Holz®, who also achieved 2nd place in the design competition “Good Form in Craft” with his apprentice work “Prometheus”.

Both these competitions are important signals, which encourage the interest in and enjoyment of trades in the future as well as today. The skills which are learnt in handcraft are also existentially important for future generations so that they are able to design models of society in the future.

The awards once again show that an apprenticeship at SIK-Holz® is highly rated and of a very good quality. We would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank our trainers who take on this task on a daily basis, in particular Master Sculptor Igor Titow.

We wish André Teubert all the best for the future. With his national victory there are various opportunities open to him, e.g. job-related further training or scholarships, and not least also a position at SIK-Holz®.

Managing Director Marc Oelker accepted the congratulations and certificate for the winner’s apprenticing company in the 62nd performance competition of German crafts from the Dortmund Chamber of Crafts.
(Foto: HwK Potsdam/Schreiber)

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