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New: The Research Playground

Children are curious by nature. It is our duty to answer their questions and make them familiar with their future. In this respect, a playground also has a social task.
With our new products, we would like to bring children, and you as playground planners, closer to some living creatures from our seas and make you aware of the diversity which it is important to preserve. It is only a small selection which is intended to encourage you to draw attention to the matter of “protecting the seas”. The children can take on the role of environmentalists, marine biologists or captains, and this way explore the oceans and get to know their inhabitants. In their imaginations they can travel to remote or environmentally endangered places in our globalized
world. On these trips, animals that are threatened with extinction, become their playmates.

This way, through play, children develop a sense of responsibility for these ecosystems and a strategy for rescuing them, which may make an impression on them for the rest of their lives.
The children's questions are also intended to give adults food for thought and perhaps encourage them to act. A responsible and efficient use of nature, and an equitable distribution of resources in a
global world are tasks that we have to face today and which coming generations will have to solve.

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