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Noah's Ark

Many locations in Germany and Europe

“Noah's Ark” looks like a little play ship with a great variety of ways to play. However, the Ark is more than just a ship. It saved a part of humankind and the animal world to start a new, better and more responsible life after the Great Flood.
We see every day in the news how relevant this ancient biblical story is. Nowadays, ecological disasters are an everyday occurrence. Many people lose their lives to them. Noah's Ark is intended to remind us that our habitat on Earth is limited. It is our duty to preserve it for our children.

The Ark consists of two large play towers with a platform height of 1.5 and 1.8 metres. The square platform has an additional platform at a height of 0.4 metres. From this platform height a long ramp leads downwards, as if it had just been lowered and all the animals had just left the ark. The platforms are connected by a bridge and can be climbed via a net and a ladder with rungs. A slide leads from the prow of the ark back down again. The high sides of the ark provide lots of hiding places for children.

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