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Panarbora - Nature, Culture & Fun

The adventure park «Panarbora» was developed from a former garrison on the outskirts of the city of Waldbröl. On an area covering 7.5 ha, the park aims to bring man and nature closer together. Staying in the global villages and tree houses, a restaurant, a lot of play and exercise programs and workshops on environmental education offer a wide range of experiences, especially for families and school groups.

Architecture and engineering office Ahrens and Eggemann from Wiehl are responsible for the project management of the construction of «Panarbora» park. Heart of the site is a tower with an absolute height of 40 m and an observation platform at a height of 34 m, from which one enjoys splendid views over the «Bergisches Land» region. A barrier-free treetop trail with a length of 1.6 km is connected to the tower. It offers completely new insights into the different levels that make up a tree. Six interactive learning and experimental stations allow visitors to learn exciting and interesting facts about the nature of the «Bergische» forest and the role of humans in it.

After an extensive view from above, the different areas of the park offer a wide range of adventures. The playing areas were planned by the landscape architecture office Hellmann+Kunze from Reichshof. The hilly terrain has been shaped to be reminiscent of the «Bergisch» landscape, including Siefen (ravine-like valleys) and hills. SIK-Holz® consultant Martin Heumüller designed a widely ramified balancing and climbing landscape for this structure that stimulates particularly the motor skills of children. The water playground is, however, a calmer place, where they can immerse themselves in the game with the element. Symbolizing the vast forests of the «Bergisches Land», the topmost parts of the posts of playground elements were painted green.

The maze made out of hedges appeals to the senses of the visitors in a variety of ways. Perception, especially the sense of direction are required here. Contrary to a labyrinth, a maze offers numerous potential solutions. The hedge has not grown yet and the structure of the paths is clear. A small observation tower in the center and climbing posts at various points of the maze will help to escape from the maze once the hedge is grown.

A tunnel system with a length of 20 m and a diameter of 1.2 m will invite children to the underworld of «Panarbora» soon. A sense trail is still in progress, too. It will lead around one half of the grounds of the park and will appeal particularly to the senses of touch and smell, but sound installations will be found here also. The global villages and the tree houses are still partly under construction, as well.

So there is still a lot to do in the «Panarbora» park. We wish the staff of the park every success and would like to take this opportunity to thank for the good cooperation.
More information on «Panarbora» Park park can be found here.

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