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Pirate Playground

Salzgitter / Salzgitter Lake
Built: 2008

Pirates are back in fashion – not least inspired by the three-part film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Since September 2008, these and other stories of freebooters can be played out again on Salzgitter Lake. The “Pirate Playground” covers an area of about 4500 square metres. The layout of the playground is intended to be based on the following scenario:

“During a storm a pirate ship has run aground and broken into three parts. The stern is relatively close to the water, it still stands upright. The mast with the crow's nest is leaning over to one side and can be climbed by nets, similar to the rigging on sailing ships. High above the ship, a pirate flag waves in the wind. As the ship ran aground, it forced up a large dune where the bow of the ship has buried itself and so is sloping upwards. There are opportunities to swing on the ropes hanging from the stem jutting overhead. The crew left the ship on rope ladders, knotted ropes, bits of rope and nets.
About 20 metres from the ship, the pirates have cleared a large flat space on a dune. Here there is a large watchtower with a long slide. The plateau can only be reached after an arduous climb.”

This is the “story” on which SIK-Holz® based its design for a play area for children of all ages. To better demonstrate the concept, a model was built. On the basis of the model and involving Salzgitter children's and youth organizations, other activities were developed for the play area, such as a large water play area, which opens directly into the lake.

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