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Review of the garden show in Pfaffenhofen

Last year Pfaffenhofen was the venue for a successful horticultural show. After 7 years of preparation, the cityscape had changed considerably. Between 2006 and 2010, attention was paid to the remodeling of the traffic areas, so the garden show was followed by the creation of permanently remaining green, recovering and recreational areas. This was more and more necessary, because the city Pfaffenhofen had developed into a pulsating business and residential center in the city centre through forward-looking concept planning.
The central playground on the main square was chosen by the city council for the duration of the garden show, the playground «A meadow in the middle of the city» after a design by Christina Bergsteiner, SIK-Holz expert advisor for Bavaria.

«A meadow in the middle of town and the stalks so big that you can climb around it like a little insect. It is important to balance skillfully over blades of grass and not to be caught by the other insect children. What bird built its nest there? Are there eggs in it? Whoever hides in the nest or is comfortably in the large net stretching between the grass blades, looks from below into the treetops and no doubt discovers a few animals that live in the middle of the city.»

The concept worked. The playground is so popular that signatures have been collected for its preservation. The municipality has been able to temporarily avert the impending dismantling at the end of the horticultural show. But he is still only tolerated.
In the vicinity of the playground there are many cafés and small shops. The adults sit outside on the platforms in the summer, take a break, watch the children playing and start talking or stretch their feet into the sand. Everyone experiences the place from a different perspective. This is how we want the inner cities.

There is still controversial discussion in Pfaffenhofen. Is the visual axis between the town hall and the church obstructed? What must the future traffic concept look like? Where are the cars parked? Let's hope that the decision in favour of the playground will be made and that the Landesgartenschau in the centre of the city will continue to have a lasting presence.

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