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Seven values for Premnitz

The town of Premnitz – one of the locations of the Federal Garden Show 2015 has come up with an interesting project. At the Federal Garden Show visitors will be able to see what is important for people from Premnitz and what values they have.
In a workshop on March 28, 2015, under the guidance of pastor Rolf Martin, representatives from 7 groups of the Premnitz civic society developed 7 values that are important to them when dealing with each other.

Values create the cohesion of a community. Therefore, it is good to discuss values and to agree on the values for which you want to stand together. They agreed on the following values:


On April 17, the Premnitz workshop participants came together again. This time they wanted to carve their values in wood. For this we prepared 7 robinia trunks, which through their individual form embody individuality and personality. Under the guidance of master sculptor Klaus-Peter Gust and his colleague Sebastian Tabbert, each group carved their value into a trunk and then painted it with a colour of the rainbow. The seven trunks were arranged in a circle on the Federal Garden Show grounds so that all the values can be read from inside the circle.
They will remain there until the beginning of August 2015. Then the participants of our Rainbow project will move it to another location in Premnitz, in order to construct a huge rainbow on the grounds as a fun climbing area for children and as an official project of the Federal Garden Show – Havel region 2015. The Federal Garden show 2015 is a worthy setting for this great project. Until the beginning of the project and beyond, two large signs will provide visitors with information about the origin, locations and contents of the other 12 rainbow projects.

The “circle of values” is a lasting symbol for family-friendly urban development. It stands for a strong connection between the generations and cultures of a place. The values are thereby the rules for a common future. The project was jointly developed by Pastor Rolf Martin and wood sculptor Klaus-Peter Gust. It was prepared and carried out by the project office for inter-cultural openness of the Church in Hamburg and the company SIK-wood ®. We thank Mayor Wallenta of the town of Premnitz and Pastor Kübler from the parish of Premnitz, for their support with the project.

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