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Up, up and away in Grasbrook Park

Grasbrook Park is one of the big new leisure facilities in Hamburg’s HafenCity. It was inaugurated on 16th August 2013 in perfect summer weather with a huge neighbourhood party. It has become a large, green leisure facility, offering all the HafenCity inhabitants a chance to play, have fun and relax.

It has taken five years to develop the park. In 2008, working in collaboration with Bernward Benedikt Jansen, the firm of landscape architects from Glinde, SIK-Holz® started building a large play ship with lots of maritime accessories. As early as 2008 it had been decided that the ship would be placed there only temporarily, since there were already plans to expand Grasbrook Park into a central leisure area for the HafenCity. In 2012 EMBT Miralles Tagliabue, a firm of Spanish architects from Barcelona, was commissioned to undertake the planning for this. SIK-Holz® undertook the design of various features, including the playing areas. A giant palm climbing forest was created, taking into account the ideas of the future users of the area. The existing play ship was given a fresh coat of paint and moved about 100 m to a new position. With the involvement of the church it was christened the “Wellenkrone” or “Crest of the Waves” at its new site. This name had been suggested by the children from the neighbouring school. In a spontaneous gesture, SIK-Holz® donated the name plate.

Between the playing areas a large water basin winds, meanders in great loops and fans out in imitation of the River Elbe with miniature copies of its river isles. Sustainable, environmentally-friendly play equipment and structures and lots of seating have now turned Grasbrook Park into a popular place for an outing.

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