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Water buffalo on the playground

Recently, the friendly and robust animals from Asia can be climbed and petted on the playground at Teltower Straße in Berlin Spandau. They stand vis-a-vis to their true conspecifics in the neighbouring «Tiefwerder Wiesen» landscape conservation area. There a herd of water buffalo was settled there as a ‹natural ranger› for grazing. As the water buffaloes are not always visible on the large areas, the playground invites children from the neighbouring residential area and the nearby day-care centres to get to know the animals, to experience them in movement and role-playing games – and maybe to visit their real fellow species in the area afterwards.

The dominant elements of the 42 × 17 m square are a stable for climbing, sliding and hiding, as well as a varied course for climbing, balancing and handicrafts with reed posts based on the nearby low moorland.

A whole family of water buffaloes and a water buffalo with rocking cart are the eye-catcher of the course. They immediately attract the children in their spell, lying, standing, teetering, as calves, bulls or cows of all ages, these lifelike animal sculptures from SIK-Holz appeal to them. In between, the young and old visitors can rest on straw bunches or feed troughs.

The playground was handed over to the future users with a small ceremonial opening by District Councillor Frank Bewig. A daycare centre from the neighbourhood will sponsor this playground and will always see to it that it is right.

We would like to thank you for the good cooperation in this playground project and wish the wooden water buffaloes many visitors on their playground pasture.

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