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We are 25!

This idea can be described as follows: “Individual play equipment from creative ideas and robina wood”. It was equipped with plenty of creativity, and solid artistic, engineering and craftsmanship training, a high level of motivation and the sincere intent to change the world with this idea and make every day a 25 years ago was not only the founding of a company, it was the birth of an idea. little more beautiful. After the change this idea was a small, a second revolution. It enormously influenced the design of playgrounds in Germany in the 10 years following 1990. It changed the market, the thinking and the possibilities for city planners and landscape architects.
The idea asserted itself almost everywhere after the change. At the time it was easy to enter a market that was almost solely characterized by playground design that was “square-practical-good”. The demand grew and it became difficult to satisfy it. The idea became a program and stayed that way. Today the market doesn’t only have SIK-Holz® on offer but also many other companies. Now it is the reliability, the holistic approach and the good design, in connection with a high play value, an excellent quality of execution and good service that characterise SIK-Holz®. Sustainability also plays a large role in the company policies. This includes responsible handling of resources, the environment and employees, but also individual customer service. Sustainability is also reflected in socio-political participation regarding the topic of play and playground.

“We want children’s playgrounds to be places of learning, in which children come together and make their own experiences. Playing is fun and is healthy. Being healthy and having a lot of fun makes people happy, the parents, the adults and especially the children.”
Klaus-Peter Gust at the 25th company anniversary.

This is how the anniversary and also the large family festival started. For this the company was transformed into a temporary playground with a culinary and musical framework, such as with talks and an exhibition about the topic of the playground.

Here a few original sounds from Radio Teddy which was there live as 25 years of SIK-Holz were celebrated.

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