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We have a school class!

The educational system in Germany is often criticised. However nothing will improve through criticism alone. One also has to do something. If we want to prepare the youth for an exciting professional life then we need to start to inspire them early on. We can’t awake this inspiration by simply leading them through our operations once and expecting them to listen attentively. From this realization we decided to search for a school class. The older ones amongst us would say that we’ve already had this – school classes and school operations. Yes, there was once a close connection between the economy and school, and it functioned well even though it was a government-prescribed measure. Now we are voluntarily searching for a school class, therefore it is not “Ostalgie” (nostalgia for the former East Germany).
Already in the first inquiry at a primary school in our district we encountered a lot of interest, and also amongst our employees there were quickly three colleagues who wanted to take responsibility for this task. The headmaster recommended that the sponsorship should take place from the 3rd to 6th grade.

In December there was the first meeting between our 3 colleagues and the class teacher and an educator for our school class. Together a plan for the year was created. Every 4 – 6 weeks joint activities will take place. In January the plan was presented to the parents and enthusiastically accepted. Thus it was also no problem that all the parents brought their children to our company on 1 March. Under the topic “We’re building a birdhouse” the first activity was started. In 3 respective groups each child screwed together their own birdhouse with Mr Güthling and Mr Meister. In between there was a small tour of the operations with Ms Wille or Easter decoration crafting with the class teacher and the educator.
By the end the children had not only built a birdhouse but also learned a lot about bird species and hole sizes. Mr Güthling also let them know that in future 1 March is always “birdhouse cleaning day”.

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