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A Playground for the Future: Experiencing the Past, Strengthening Community

For decades, intensive mining shaped the life and landscape of Welzow. But with the shift to renewable energy, the chapter of coal mining was closed. An era ended, and a new era began – marked by both challenges and opportunities.

However, as the residents of Welzow know, the past cannot simply be forgotten or suppressed. It is part of the identity of a community that has been shaped over generations. Therefore, the community decided not only to look forward but also to keep history alive, especially for the young residents.

This is how the idea of a playground was born, serving not only as a place of entertainment but also as an educational experience. Here, fun and learning come together as children immerse themselves in the world of lignite mining and mining. But that’s not all.

The playground in Welzow is also a place of cultural diversity, honoring and integrating the Sorbian history of the region. Thus, children are presented with not only a past but also an understanding of the cultural diversity and Sorbian roots of their homeland.

Under the watchful eyes of the Lutki, small Sorbian mythical creatures that watch over the playground, children can embark on an adventure that offers both fun and education. They can climb, balance, and slide on the hoist tower and conveyor bridge while playfully exploring the history of lignite mining. Additionally, a concrete climbing rock integrated into the playground conveys the feeling of mining in a unique way. On it, they can demonstrate their climbing skills and simultaneously experience the atmosphere of mining up close.

For younger children, there are also plenty of opportunities for development. A small construction helmet area offers them the chance to play, climb, and experiment in the sand to their heart’s content, letting their imaginations run wild and immersing themselves in exciting role-playing games.

Throughout the playground, QR codes are attached to some posts of the play equipment, allowing the playground to be augmented with virtual objects via smartphone. For example, early mining tools appear on the sand play area, fitting the theme of the playground. These artifacts impressively illustrate the hard and arduous work of the miners, who had to cope without modern technical aids. The small Lutki also appear virtually on the playground. They greet the visitors and invite them to play. Prehistoric dinosaurs can also be brought to life. The overwhelming size of the animals is depicted realistically. Thus, the fascination of the past meets the technology of the modern age, supporting the learning experience.

Generous seating areas invite parents and other adults to relax and interact while their children enjoy the various play offerings. A meeting place has been created here, bringing the community together and offering a place of encounter.

Overall, this playground offers not only a journey into the past but also a wealth of opportunities for children of all ages to experiment, play, and learn. It is a place that honors history while shaping the future by inspiring the next generation to look to the future with courage and hope.