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Germany’s first swing park in Rotenburg

The swing forest in Rotenburg an der Fulda is a beacon project for tourists. It is a new segment in cross-generational leisure activities in urban areas.

Under ancient beeches and chestnuts in the fairytale palace garden, eight swings with eleven different swing seats invite you to swing together. They are connected via an accessible route. The red posts indicate swings designed for children and adults, while the blue posts indicate swings that can be used by people with physical disabilities and with the assistance of others. The swinging motion back and forth and a slight breeze on the face creates a relaxed feeling of freedom. Children, families, friends and colleagues can move  in the fresh air, let their thoughts wander, laugh together and have fun, whether after school, during lunch breaks, after work or in the evening.

The idea for the swing forest came from Kerstin Schulz, director of the tourist information office in the city of Rotenburg. The swing forest was planned by the Rotenburg city marketing company in close cooperation with SIK-Holz® specialist Ulrike Gebauer.