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A journey to a children‘s world

A boy who didn’t want to grow up. A captain whose purpose in life is to hunt him down. A crocodile hungry for the captain with a ticking clock inside his belly. A little fairy who always is there to help. These are adventurous, funny and magical elements of one of the most famous children’s and youth stories worldwide. Who has not dreamed of »Neverland«, where children can fly and the world enchants you.

On the playground at Rood Klooster near Brussels it is precisely these stories that children can bring to life themselves. The former Augustinian abbey is now a public park on the edge of the Zoniёn wood. This is where the Brussels residents like to end up when they are looking for relaxation. The playgrounds at Rood Klooster form the imaginary and adventurous world of Peter Pan. Children of all ages can move through different playstructures to reenact the stories. The 7 m high play combination, for example, offers challenges for the older ones. Climbing, sliding, marveling, playing, everything is possible here. Fun and action can be enjoyed on the Swings and a cable car. Speed ​​and a feeling of weightlessness make the butterflies dance in your stomach. Another highlight of the playground is the pirate ship. Many climbing and balancing circuits make it to a real treasure trove of movement. The pirates should be in good shape to steer their ship into new adventures. The play with elements like water and sand is not neglected either. In the »Indian Village« and the »Mermaid Lagoon«, smaller children can let off steam and come alive in role play. Just don’t get too deep into the game, because the crocodiles are already waiting on every corner.

The Rood Klooster is waiting for new adventurers and has many surprises in store. So »never say goodbye because goodbye means going away and going away means forgetting.«.