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The «Old Mine» in Hamm

The Maximilian Park in Hamm was built on the occasion of the Landesgartenschau in North Rhine-Westphalia in 1984 on the site of the former Maximilian colliery. Since then, the park areas of the Maximilian Park have offered a colorful world of art, nature and play for young and old. In line with the park’s original significance, the «Old Mine» play area was opened this year. This new area was planned by the B.S.L. from Duisburg. The constructive and creative implementation of the play equipment made of naturally grown robinia wood was carried out in close cooperation with the company SIK-Holz®.

At the center of the plant is an approx. 9 m high conveyor tower. Water and sand can be transported up and down over 4 levels, from the basement to the second floor, via lifts, trolleys, channels, funnels and sieves. An intercom is used to coordinate the work between the «little buddies». The basement and the ground floor are wheelchair accessible, giving children with restricted mobility the opportunity to actively participate in the game. A horizontal network tunnel leads from the first floor to the «Little Grove» area. This consists of high, sometimes dodgy posts, which are connected by various woods, ropes and bridges and invite you to acrobatic balancing and climbing exercises. At the end of this path, away from the hustle and bustle around the «old mine», there is a hermit hut. Here is room for role playing in a somewhat quieter atmosphere. The second and last floor offers a wonderful view of the area. Remote points in the park can also be observed through a telescope. If you don’t want to go back to the first floor, you can leave the winding tower via a steep tunnel slide that ends in an underground tunnel system. This area is characterized by different passages and levels through which water channels also lead. Above the gallery, sand can be transported into the terrain via a transport track. Another slide leads to a sand area shaded by an awning, which continues into a water-mud area. Here, too, there are many options for varied play with the elements of water and sand.

Overall, this new play area offers versatile and creative play offers for girls and boys, with and without physical restrictions. Adults can also take a walk through the «Old Mine» and occasionally try the «free fall» through the tunnel slide. The Maximilian Park in Hamm – it’s worth a visit!