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A playground for little electors

In Bonn-Röttgen you feel brought back in the age of baroque at the new playground «Am Hölder». In remembrance of elector Clemens August I., who had his hunting lodge «Herzogsfreude» in the nearby woodland of Kottenforst, a lot of playground equipment and design elements mirror the past of Röttgen recently. But not only the elector was godfather of the new playground, the kids and their parents of Röttgen were active in planning and designing the new area as well. Right from the beginning they brought in their ideas and wishes and even helped assembling for one day.

With these ideas SIK-Holz® consultant Martin Heumüller created playground equipment, which guarantees and encourages an age-appropriate playing for children up to 12 years of age. Central element is a play combination with a silhouette of a castle. It has 2 floors and a footprint with about 12 × 13 m. A bent slide and a bent ramp symbolize the stately rising and leaving of the first floor. Between the levels there are partitions and additional ways to change floors. These possibilities ensure new leeways and game paths for the children. On the back side of the castle you stand on a balcony and have a nice view of the «Schlossgarten» (castle garden). You will be able to see different kinds of balance-units, wriggeling through the garden to create an oversized crown.

The path to the main castle is flanked by a little castle, a horse drawn carriage and a booth. The children will find opportunities to play some peaceful role- and sand plays. Of course nobody has to miss a swing or a seesaw at this playground.

The playground was established from the office for city green in Bonn as a generous, close to nature park with wood, that is in accordance with the location. Neighboring this, a green corridor was applied. This connects our playground with the former inner city of Röttgen.