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Octopus in sight

Approaching an octopus can be difficult because it is shy and can camouflage itself very well. Not so with the large wooden squid at Camping Park De Paardekreek on the Veerse Meer in the Netherlands.

The camping park has an indoor playground ready for bad weather. Here the big octopus dominates in front of a small port town. Between the houses and the octopus it goes up and down over bridges and ropes or through tunnels. The height of the platforms vary between 0.6 and 2.7 m. A spiral tube slide takes you back to the ground quickly and directly from the head of the giant octopus. Many sensory games are integrated into the multi unit and ensure short or long stopovers. Opposite the play area there is a stage from where the daily children’s program starts. To the right and left of the stage are two small play areas for role-playing games.

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