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Snail on the pier

«A pier is not a relic from the imperial era, it is the first place I go on vacation. Here I can feel the elements, here the recovery begins … » The Prime Minister of Schleswig Holstein, Torsten Albich, was enthusiastic about the opening of the new pier in Niendorf / Timmendorfer Strand. «You have to fly over this bridge to see how beautiful it is,» continued Albich.

Yes, it is something special, the pier in Niendorf. From the air, the 185 m long bridge looks like a big fish. And it is the first pier with a playground. The landscape architect Rainer Kahns came up with a large wooden snail that got caught in a fish trap. The fish trap leads the children above but also below the pier. So you balance on a small section directly above the water. The safety net underneath will certainly be heavily besieged on hot days. A slide leads from the highest point of the fish trap back to the bridge. The approx. 4 m high wooden shell also leads to the slide entrance. This creates many play paths and cycles. The ensemble is framed by a fisherman who probably had a large seal on his fishing rod. Now the bait is gone and with it the fishing line.

In four weeks of work on site, our carpentry artists under the direction of Marcus Röttig set up this unique ensemble. It was a special project for them too. No SIK-Holz® playground has ever been built so close to the elements of wind and water.