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Vacation on treasure Island at the Baltic Sea

The pier and the promenade in Grossenbrode were renovated and expanded in keeping with the motto «MeerZeit» («more Time»). According to a design by the Siller office in Kiel, a spacious play area was modeled on a «treasure island» in the first construction phase. As on a treasure map, there are different locations on hills and in valleys. The hills are secured with a non-slip EPDM surface, the valleys are filled with fine Baltic Sea sand. High palm trees give the playground a South Sea flair. A five meters high pirate hideout is perched on a 1.2 meters high hill. Experienced climbers can make it to the 3.5 meters high platform. From there you have a great view of the playground, the promenade and the Baltic Sea. A long tunnel slide takes you back to the bottom of the hill. A stone’s throw away you will find the next hill that keeps new adventures. Through a labyrinth of climbing and balancing elements, the children reach the next hill over a 17 meters long bridge. Two oversized treasure chests determine the hill panorama. A large area of ​​sand extends in front of the hills. There is a multi-play combination for small children consisting of boxes and bridges. The bars can be used as a chill out area. Find a hammock between two palm trees in the toddler area. Larger children can swing high up into the air on multiple swings in the next area. A four meters long crocodile works as a border between these two areas.

After all the best way to convince yourself of the quality of our work is to experience it live and visit this very special playground.