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With Jim Knopf into new adventures

Who does not know them? Lukas, Jim Knopf and their trusty locomotive »Emma«. The adventures of Jim Knopf can now be re-enacted by children of all ages on the new playground in the »Filmpark Babelsberg«.

The two sculptures of Lukas and Jim Knopf are standing at the entrance area of ​​the playground to greet the children. The entrance features the original film set of the train station and movie locomotive »Emma«. Since the »Filmpark Babelsberg« is mainly visited by families, the playground with its diverse attractions appeals to a wide audience. Both the younger and older children will have fun, excitement and adventure here.

Like in the story, our journey begins on the island of »Lummerland«. It is the hometown of Jim and Lukas. This peaceful place, together with its residents Ms. Waas, Mr. Ärmel and the King, was playfully themed for the smaller children. Here they can train their motor skills on the climbable miniature version of »Lummerland«. Since an island is surrounded by water, a water play area should of course not be missing. The children can guide the wet element, dam it, and mix it with the sand to create creative structures. Ms. Waas’s small grocery store encourages creative role play and offers protection and a place of retreat. But if you want to train your balance, strength and dexterity, you can climb over a low balancing course directly to the king’s castle. He is already waiting very excitedly and receives everyone who has reached his castle. At the small train station, which is equipped with a slide, Emma’s little sister is waiting to start for new adventures. That all will be fun that will keep the children busy for a long time.

The toddler area leads to the playareas for the older children. This is where the main characters’ adventures come true. With the development of the existing hillside area, the »Tausend Wunder Wald« and the »Rot-Weiß-Gestreiftes Gebirge« are thematically taken up. Courageous adventurers can climb the slide plateau over stairs, bridges and balancing elements and experience a wild ride down one of the three slides. In the lower area, the climbing forest, which represents the desert realm of the »Scheinriese«, offers children the opportunity to shimmy, climb and balance at a height of up to three meters according to their mood.

Of course, the dragons shouldn’t be missing either. The little half-dragon Nepumuk invites you to make wild turns with him. If you feel like even more action, you can climb »Mrs. Mahlzahn’s« wobbly volcano from the outside using climbing holds. At the top oft he volcano you can see almost the entire playground and feel really big. Inside the volcano there are seating and climbing nets, which form a social meeting point and also a place of retreat.

But what else can you hear from afar? Watch out, the pirates are coming! The crew of the »Wilde 13« is still looking for newcomers. The ship with the pirate captain serves as an oasis of sand play and also encourages the children to role-play with one another.

Romping around, experiencing adventure and slipping into other roles is like living 1000 lives. The children can exercise, have fun and exhaust themselves here until they are exhausted. This makes it all the better to sleep in the evening and dream of your next visit to the »Filmpark Babelsberg«.