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Ants scurry in Halle

Ants whiz around the world on six legs. It is quite a feat to coordinate so many legs, considering how difficult it is for us to learn to walk on just two. At the new playground in the west of Halle, you will want another pair of legs if you want to conquer the obstacle course with a huge anthill.

In cooperation with the local landscape architecture company Haselbach, SIK-Holz® has brought the world of ants to life for children. In the middle of the large, shady trees, the huge climbing anthill rises up on which you become a little ant yourself.

The large entrance portal welcomes people and invites them into this exciting world. If you follow the invitation you will notice the refined structure of the facility. The obstacle course represents an ant road that leads to the anthill. For us humans, a blade of grass may be small, but to an ant it has to look like asbis as a tree trunk. The many obstacles that the hard-working little workers have to overcome every day can be visualized on the course with its climbing and balancing elements. In structures that are becoming more and more difficult, which also vary in height, all age groups find a way to live out their capabilities. It is important to move around in a jumping motion and not to lose your balance. This not only trains endurance and hand-eye coordination, but is also fun. Children of all ages can fight their way over wobbly tree trunks and ropes at their own pace to the anthill, the heart of the facility. The large anthill itself is a climbing paradise that offers many opportunities both inside and outside. Climbing the five-meter-high pile is a great challenge, but one is happy to face it. During the ascent, you repeatedly come across huge wooden ants that smile happily at you and inspire you to get to the top. Giving up is out of the question in the world of little ants. Once at the top, you will be rewarded with a great view of the entire complex. Inside there is a climbing system, which is also suitable for hiding. The play of light, especially when the sun is shining, takes you into another world. You can also relax here. If you want to go outside again, you can dare to descend with a swing via the climbing tunnel and the two slides. Two large swings next to the anthill complete the playground. So there are opportunities to move around for everyone, and people like to stay longer here.

When the legs get heavy from crawling around in the end of the day, not only the ants but also all children scurry home, only to come back rested the very next day.