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Lighthouses change «Bergen‘s» panorama

The small town of Bergen in the Celle district was a military base until 2014. With the withdrawal of British forces, a comprehensive conversion process began. In the course of structural demolition measures, a contemporary park with an arboretum, shrub areas and a central playground was created and represents the new center of the residential district. The heart of the playground is an approximately 5.8 meter tall lighthouse on an about 1.8 meter high hill. The top platform can be reached via various climbing elements. From here, you have a wonderful view of the new «green center» of the quarter. A tunnel slide leads back to a spacious sand area. A big part of it is equipped with sand for sand and water games. The other area contains play equipment for seesawing, swinging, climbing and balancing. About a quarter of the sandy area is framed by a 20 meter long barrier-free footbridge. Playhouses in the shape of buoys were placed on the footbridge and on another platform and equipped with role-play games. Two dolphin towers, connected with a rope and a climbing-balancing-unit to combine the elements into a play and movement structure.