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Little big animals

Villepinte is a small town in the region of Ile-de-France, northeast of Paris. Due to the favorable transport connections, the number of inhabitants is constantly growing and with it the development of new residential areas, such as the new eco-district Pepiniere. The approximately 13 hectare area offers attractive living space in a setting of landscaped green spaces, play and sports areas, as well as shops and services. A forest-like green belt surrounds the playground. Through the branches of the trees, oversized play sculptures from the world of tiny animals in the vicinity can be seen in bright colors. An approx. 5 m high squirrel forms the silhouette for an exciting climb and slide combination. An approx. 2.5 m wide hedgehog invites you to hide and climb and a 10 m long caterpillar to crawl through. All 3 sculptures have openings that let light into the interior and provide exciting views of the surroundings. 2 butterflies with wingspans of up to 1.9 m invite you to seesaw. Large flowers, acorns and leaves complete the small animal world and encourage all kinds of role-playing games.