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“Mini” palaeontologists in search of dinosaur bones

The world of dinosaurs has been fascinating us since childhood. Whether they were giant herbivores or dangerous hunters, almost everyone had one of them in their children’s room. The extinct reptiles stimulate people’s imagination. With constantly new bone finds, palaeontologists draw an ever more accurate picture of these animals, their behavior and habitats. Anyone who has ever seen movies like »Jurassic Parc« would like to pick up a brush and look for new species by themselves.

Since the new season in 2022 children can dig by theirselves at the Danish amusement park »Djurs Sommerland«. In addition to roller coasters and aqua park, giant swings and many other attractions, the fantastic new »Dinosaur Land« has now opened. Between life-size dinosaurs and a T-Rex roller coaster, children can enter a playground full of fossils to discover and dig free. A wide range of play values leads them through a world of dinosaur science. The centerpiece is build by large climbing facility, on which the children can explore different ways through the dinosaur laboratory, over the scaffolding of the excavation site or through a wild landscape of boxes. Different tube slides leads them back down to the playground just for discovering new ways back up. In the water and sand areas they can dig for fossils and uncover whole parts of dinosaur skeletons. You can even find a whole triceratops skull here. But there are also other offers, such as balancing on bones, »riding« on a Parasaurolophus or swinging between bones.

We are delighted that such a diverse and atmospheric play area has been created in »Djurs Sommerland«. So don’t miss out on this experience if you’re traveling in Denmark.