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Pirates board «’t Kwekkeltje»

The playground «’t Kwekkeltje» in Rosmalen in the Netherlands has been run by a private foundation since 1993. It offers Approx. 300 children 5,000 m2 of space for creative play experiences. Building sandcastles, creating watercourses, playing your way through a climbing forest to a super-fast slide, of course lots of swings, a cable car and an enchanted fairytale forest are some of the many features here for children up to 12 years of age. Many games/facilities can also be used by visitors with disabilities. The newest attraction in «’t Kwekkeltje» is a pirate island. A stranded pirate shipwreck was installed to the right and left of a climbing cave. There is a rope connecting the old masthead to the climbing area. The great view from the top of the masthead doesn’t fail to impress, as other visitors seem to be making their way to the island via bridges and ropes across the water. The islanders, all former pirates, are enthroned on the posts of the shipwreck or can be twisted into different characters in a sensory game. A magical attraction in the cave is a treasure chest. The children keep hiding it under a mountain of sand just to dig it up again.