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Police station

Like all German leisure parks, Playmobil® FunPark is still in hibernation. But, on its 90,000 sqm site is a 5,000 sqm indoor games hall, which is now very busy. Planning for new attractions this year are in full swing in the Playmobil® FunPark, too. Among the attractions of last year is the new police station. The small Playmobil version is around since 1974. Now it has been created in large format on an area of 2,600 sqm and consists of a go-kart track, a police station and a police helicopter. Children from 6 years on and a height of 125 cm can go on a high speed car chase with the new Pedalo go-karts. In doing so, they also train strength and endurance, as there are also slight differences in height to surmount on the track.

For those who do not go karting (or are not allowed yet), the police station is the centre of attraction. On a base area of 7 × 5 m all relevant aspects of police office duty have been recreated. A large seating area invites team discussions or having a snack. On the wall are the helmets, flashlights, signaling discs and traffic signs of the colleagues. Standing on the long desk board are «flat screens». Memory and Tic-Tac-Toe can be played here or you can create composite sketches. Wooden desk and mobile phones are used for communication. There is a photo wall for mug shots. The registration number can be adjusted and pictures can be taken with one’s own mobile phone. The detention cell with authentic inventory is of course the highlight of the police station. Trying out lying on the hard wooden bench and sitting on the wooden toilet, there is not much more in a real cell, either. In contrast to the real thing, you can break out of the cell, if you have discovered the hole in the wall. The police station has a maximum height of 6.15 m and consists of two floors. The upper floor was left to the Playmobil policemen, who keep an eye on the area. Neighboring the police station is the service station of the police. It’s a cottage in the same design as the police station, with a rhombic base area of approximately 10 sqm and a height of 3 m. It is reserved for FunPark staff. A workshop has been set up here with all important spare parts for the go-karts. That way, flat tyres or broken chains are repaired quickly and the speedsters can go right back to driving.

The police helicopter takes off (or lands) right next to the police station. It is built true to the small original and has a strong appeal to children and adults alike. In contrast to the toy model, the massive wood-paneled steel construction can be climbed. The body is about 6.5 meters long and 1.5 meters wide and can accommodate two pilots. The interior can only be reached by climbing rope or rope ladder. For an emergency escape a chute has been provided. The helicopter sits on a steel pipe at a height of 1.8 m. Its slightly slanted position lets him float above the ground and provides an almost real experience of flying like in a true helicopter. The 2.5 m long rotor blades can be set in motion by the pilots in the cockpit by means of connecting rods with pedals and a dynamo. Could the rotor blades rotate faster and would the helicopter not be attached to a steel pipe, it would certainly take off.

The Chief of Police of Central Franconia, Johann Rast, was very pleased with the opening of the new play area in the Playmobil® FunPark: «The PLAYMOBIL Police Station is a very special department. Here, fun, playfulness and action are a priority. Who knows, maybe at some point a real policeman can say that he gained his first experience here. We are happy that interest in our profession is kept fresh in this fun way.»