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Spirited away in Halle

Forest spirits are known for their shyness and often appear as guardians of nature. They hide in forests between trees and bushes and quietly watch the strangers roaming around. However, they are in plain sight in Halle, Südpark. The forest spirits do not watch over and protect a forest in this case, but a playground paradise.

They invite children to find friends, laugh and explore. Each »ghost« tower exudes an individual character and easily blends into the overall playground concept. You can tell their different moods right away and identify with them immediately. The cheerful color scheme also helps the playground to blend into the landscape, in the same way forest spirits fit into their natural environment. With color gradients going from green to blue, the posts appear to have the same color as the background, so that parts of the playground literally disappear into the surrounding nature. This makes it seem as if the red, white and blue colored ghosts are floating above the ground. They become the main character of this playgound paradise and will definitely catch your eye.

At the new playground, color is not the only thing that takes you into the world of forest spirits. The posts formed by nature imitate the structure of a natural forest. The dynamically rising height profile was inspired by the natural forest, which announces itself in the beginning with delicate bushes that steadily increase in size until tall trees characterize the landscape. The children can dive into the kindom of the forest spirits made of robinia wood and forget time for a little while. They can jump from one ghost to another with the help of wobbly »branches« and freely swinging hanging elements like little squirrels and experience the greatest adventures until they say goodbye.

We look forward to your visit at the Südpark in Halle.

SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH thanks everyone involved for the good collaboration.