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Every two years, the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Energy awards the Design Prize. This honors outstanding products, design achievements and concepts from companies located in Brandenburg.

This year, SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH won the first prize in product design. Marc Oelker recieved the award on November 26th, 2021 in Potsdam. We are proud to be able to create a unique product that makes our heart skip a beat and children’s eyes glow.

We built a stork made of robinia as a play device for the Algarve shopping center in Portugal. The design was roughly based on the logo of the shopping center, which shows a white stork on blue background. The finished stork is not white, but it shines bright like a diamond at the coast of Portugal since the middle of this year. Design and development were awarded on this occasion, because it takes more than design to make children´s dreams come true. Our designers, tower builders, organizers and everyone else involved in this project had to deal with a number of challenges. To make it work we had to take the sheer size of astonishing 11 meters, building the structure on an underground car park and the strong coastal wind into account. Thanks to excellent collaboration of everyone involved, we were able to design, manufacture, ship and assemble this stork in a relatively short time and without major problems. The entire SIK-Holz team did a wonderful job and can be very pleased with their work and feel honored.

We thank you for this award and view it as a chance to develop more excellent play equipment. There is much more to come and we will keep on trying to improve ourselves every day.