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Welcome to the Villa Motley

The Charlottenburg district in Berlin is characterized by a dense development with small courtyards and squares. One of these places is the Pipi Longstocking playground at the Gierkezeile. The approximately 30 x 40 m square is a small green oasis for children and adults.

The playground was laid out in its current structure as early as 2005. After about 15 years, renovation was necessary. The fact that the structure and equipment should be largely preserved speaks for the good social integration of the playground in the living environment.

The central play house «Villa Motley» offers a lot of possibilities for role playing on a surface of 13 x 8 m. The internal balancing circle is not only about «tables and benches» but also about «bed and stove». A vertical net tunnel can also be used to climb a play tower, which is also positioned inside, from which one has a good overview of the playground. The playhouse is partially wheelchair accessible. On the terrace, «Pippi» welcomes visitors, invites them for a coffee or encourages them to muddy with sand and water. Right next to the villa is her horse «Little Uncle» and her monkey «Mr. Nielson» is watching who has disappeared back into the barrel. The range of swing elements has been expanded for all age groups. All in all, the renovation has made the playground more inclusive and colorful.