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Something is growing there

There is now a lot of activity in the tenants’ gardens on General-Barby-Street in Berlin-Reinickendorf. After all, the seeds now have to go into the ground in order to harvest the first home-grown vegetables in a few weeks.

Between the tentants’ gardens there is a larger open space with benches, games and exercise facilities. The old furishings had got long in the tooth and had to be renewed. Inspired by the surroundings of an intact community garden colony, landscape architect Katharina Niproschke designed a new playground focused on «young vegetables», in close cooperation with the Berlin office of SIK-Holz®. The new playground looks like a large wooden vegetable path between two large birch trees. It is divided into different zones in order to enable age-appropriate play. In addition, there is a fenced sand area for small children up to three years of age with sand and water games and a small garden hut for role-playing. The lovingly designed fence with applications and sculptures from the gardener’s realm separates the toddler area from the more activity-focused play equipment for older children. Outside the fenced garden colony, various animal sculptures invite the children to jump, bounce, swing and role-plays games together on three jumping boards designed as a «lettuce head» and «strawberry», a «chili rocker» and a «vegetable swing». For older children up to approx. 12 years of age, the central «allotment garden play unit» offers many activity incentives from climbing and balancing to shimmying and sliding. For these areas, wood chips were chosen to built the base. A small road network of paved paths with small traffic signs runs around the play areas. It is here where the children can learn how to move and behave in the world outside the playground with everything that «rolls». All those who do not play but want watch, talk or simply be out in the fresh air can sit on the numerous benches available in the area.