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Spring Awakening at the playground in Wildau

With each passing day and every degree the thermometer rises, people’s longing for their gardens awakens. Because what could be more beautiful than getting lost in the midst of blooming splendor? But for a successful garden adventure, new inspiration and equipment are also needed. A visit to the garden center is therefore at the top of many people’s lists.

But this shopping trip can now become a shared family pleasure! Pflanzenkölle in Wildau provides the perfect setting for this. The new playground from SIK-Holz® in the entrance area invites little adventurers to the fun of discovery, while adults can browse in peace.

The playground offers a wealth of activities for all ages, promoting various skills and talents. Even the little ones are greeted by friendly insects and can begin their adventure in the vast meadow. For slightly older children, there are balancing and hiding opportunities for joint exploration. The climbing landscape, on the other hand, transports older kids into a sea of flowers where they can lose themselves.

The three radiant tulip blooms form the centerpiece of the facility, with challenging climbing structures and an impressive spiral slide. Even inside the blooms, the senses unfold: transparent roofs made of colored acrylic glass create a play of light and color, while the peepholes, inspired by dewdrops, release feelings of joy.

This playground brings the happiness of the garden directly to people and awakens the longing for their own green paradise. SIK-Holz® wishes all visitors blooming days and much joy on the new playground at the Wildau garden center.