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The end of an era

On April 30th, 2021, after 33 years now, an era came to an end at SIK-Holz GmbH. The founders Claudia and Klaus-Peter Gust said goodbye. They leave the company in order to sail towards new adventures. It was a memorable day for the company. It was the time  to pause for a moment for looking back to the beginnings, but also for looking foreward into the future.

33 years! A long period of life. And if you look at SIK-Holzgestaltungs GmbH with its round about 230 employees today, it was a worthwhile piece of life that will leave its marks. The path was never easy, often challenging, but every minute they put their hearts into this project.

In 1988, Klaus-Peter and Claudia Gust were the first on the market who had the idea of ​​building play equipment made of robinia wood. First viewed with skepticism, this idea has achieved worldwide fame with many followers. Today, playgrounds made out of robinia wood are among the most popular on the market.

For the two of them, their playgrounds were much more than just products that are built and be sold. They wanted to bring nature back to urban spaces. With robinia wood as a building material, they were able to combine the idea of ​​sustainable design with the opportunity to give children space to develop. These ideas have succeeded in ensuring that children not only in Germany but all over the world can have fun on wonderful play equipment “Made in Langenlipsdorf”.

These ideas will also continue to lead the company into the future. With the new (old) managing director Marc Oelker, the responsibility could be handed over to a man who has been connected to SIK-Holz® for 20 years professionally and in friendly relation. The daughters Antje Gust and Kathleen Gust will also be involved in leading positions for SIK-Holz®. They will continue what their parents started to build up 33 years ago with only an idea and a Trabbi.

It is therefore certain that the company will continue to hold its course and sail towards a bright future. We are looking forward full of expectation to new adventures.