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We design a trophy

Every year the European Commission awards small and medium sized companies for outstanding achievements in finances, culture and social development. We are happy to state that our design idea was chosen to be this years trophy for the SME Award winners. Six small trophies and one big were manufactured by our wood sculptor apprentices.
The design is focused around an all connecting circular shape. This shape unites cohesiveness, collaboration and communication. All things, that just work if different entities choose to commit on common idea. The dark walnut wood and the light maple wood combined in an Yin Yan like shape help to emphasize the idea of connected contrasts. Both parts combined have a higher value than each would have on it’s own. To give tribute to the 2020 SME Assambly Award Location we choose to show Berlin’s silhouette on both sides of the maple part of our trophy. The carved in W-Lan symbol patterns shall be seen as a metaphor to our connected modern world. The straight lines and geometrical shapes stand in direct contrast to the soft polished surface of the walnut wood. The walnut wood with it’s natural and rounded finish is used as a depiction for the nature and our environment. The pedestal’s dynamic shape is giving the scenery a direction an points into a positive future. Using wood as the only material shall be seen as a reminder, that the nature or our whole planet should not be forgotten between our modern Lifestyle and economical goals because without it nothing else would be able to be. Please follow this link to watch how the trophies are made