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Hearing furniture - storytelling to go

Stories in the Teutoburg Forest are told and staged in a new and exciting way. They reveal unusual perspectives on cities and locations, cultural monuments and personalities. There are authentic stories that send their listeners on exciting trips through the Teutoburg Forest. And not in the museum or in the nature park center, but directly where they could have happened – in nature. The stories are accompanied by scents, sounds and images of the respective locations.

For this very special hiking trail, SIK-Holz® consultant Jens Schmieding developed special hearing furniture together with Ina Bohlken from OstWestfalenLippe GmbH, on which hikers can rest and listen to the stories. You simply press a button and the respective local history is played while you take a break.

From a distance, the furniture looks like normal seating equipments, sometimes with, sometimes without a roof, sometimes as a hammock or lounger. The technology with the individually discussed language units is operated via a solar panel. It is precisely fitted into the respective seating object. You can only see a small metal plate with two buttons and a speaker grille.

The hearing furniture has already passed the first hiking season and made the Teutoburg Forest even more exciting. By the end of 2019, they had been installed in 16 locations. More locations will follow in 2020.