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More than just a fish

Back in 2019 we received an inquiry from Novosibirsk. The task was to design a playground that featured an animal that is on one hand significant for the local Fisherman and on the other hand it is just gorgeous due to its looks and its history. The Animal we are talking about is the Sturgeon. A bonefish that inhabits our Planet since the era of the dinosaurs, long before humankind.

We tried to provide a high amount of informational contend but still maintain a maximum of play values. The Sturgeon itself was meant to be the highlight of this playground. It’s sheer size of 12m in length and 3m in height made it an eye catcher. Modelling the very specific shape of its body and bony scales while keeping everything save and steady was a challenge we had fun to take on.

After it’s 5256km journey to Siberia the play structure made in Langenlipsdorf/ Germany, the Sturgeon arrived in late summer 2020 at its destination. It is now part of a new build residential complex and a jigsaw piece of a family friendly planned urban area. It is supplemented by swings, climbing and balancing units, a waterplay, a shipwreck as well as springers and a carousel. All these single elements provide a vast variety of activities for children of several ages and interests.

We are looking forward for new exciting Ideas and challenges to tackle and want to thank all participants on this project for the great teamwork that led to this stunning result.