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Discover advanced civilisations playfully

A special fascination goes out from old advanced civilisations like the pharaohs in Egypt and also the Inca in South America. The remain of structures and findings from their daily life occupy archaeologists since 300 years and confront them with new questions. How was it possible to develop these buildings. How and with which tools and machines did people work with? How could they determine the exact angle of a pyramid? Generations of researchers will occupy with these questions in the future as well, to figure out the knowledge and the rise and fall of the old advanced civilizations.

Two playgrounds created by SIK-Holz® make the kids curious about the advanced civilisation of the Inca and Egyptian. On both places a pyramid is the central element of the playgrounds. At the same time, the pyramids raise the question, how could these buildings thousands of miles away created in astonishing similarity.

The playground pyramids in Hamburg will not answer this question. First, they invite you to climb. Above and below the platforms, the approximately 4 × 4 × 4 m pyramids provide ample space for chilling, hiding and on hot days also for digging in the sand. All other playground equipment, such as swing, carousel, springer, wooden horse, sand play elements and seating options bring a lot of variety to the playgrounds and are adapted in the design of the respective high culture of the Inca or the Egyptians.