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Build bridges with benches

The original project idea of ​​Jüterboger Refugee Aid was to embellish the city with flower pots, built by refugees who are looking for a new home in the city. After the money for the project was approved, project manager Werner Simonsmeier turned to SIK-Holz® with the request to support the implementation of the project. In the very first conversation with marketing manager Claudia Gust, the idea arose to connect the flower pots with benches and not only to beautify the city but also to make it more «possessable». A design drawing and a cost calculation for material and tool provision were quickly drawn up as with every order. But it wasn’t an ordinary job. SIK-Holz® is not a «FabLab» not an «open workshop» – but we are open to everything!

Carmen Engel, otherwise responsible for our customers in the leisure industry, coordinated all questions and master carpenter David Strauss took over the occupational safety instructions, the instruction in the use of the machines and tools as well as in the construction of the flower banks. The sponsors of the refugee aid campaign had specifically addressed people who thought they were suitable for the project. It soon became clear that there were also good craftsmen among them who could explain the necessary steps to their sponsors in just a few words. The 12 flower banks were quickly built, loaded and handed over to social institutions in Jüterbog. In the end, it was almost a normal order for SIK-Holz® that the company went through silently. What remains are short, cordial encounters with refugees, with people who work for them.

Refugee aid Jüterbog was honored by Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke with the «Band for Courage and Understanding» for the long-term, courageous commitment, for a lively community life between locals and immigrants and for an equal, mutual respect in Jüterbog. We congratulate warmly and thank you for the good cooperation, the interesting experiences and the invitation to the inauguration of the flower banks and for the honor in the State Chancellery.