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Building site for young craftsmen

The DASA is Germany’s largest working world exhibition. Exciting worlds of adventure stretch across two football fields. Twelve adventure landscapes with work environments from yesterday, today and tomorrow invite you to discover. The worlds of experience range from work in the factory, on the construction site, in transportation, in the health care sector to the information and communication industry. Visitors can experience and try out the working conditions in various industries and different periods of time.
The children’s construction site on the DASA site is an ideal place for the youngest children. In three construction phases, Jens Schmieding-Borgsen, SIK-Holz® consultant, and DASA worked closely together to create a playhouse, a roofing lift and a truck.

In the first construction phase, an open half-timbered house measuring approx. 3 × 4 m was built. It offers the children the possibility to wall the walls with cork bricks and to cover the roof with HPL bricks. Inside, a chimney can be created in the same way and pipelines can be laid in the bathroom. These can be connected to a toilet and a wooden sink. The armour with a protective net around it creates many climbing possibilities.

In the second and third construction phase, a roofing lift was built to transport the roofing tiles or sand to the building site and a 4.5 m long truck to transport the building material.

The facility offers playful insights into the work processes of the construction industry. By the way, the children learn about the meaning of work gloves or a safety helmet.