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Get to know mice while playing

An old farmhouse stands in the middle of the Rheine nature zoo. Inside, you have your own little «mouse» world. The indoor playground primarily picks up on the connection between children and mice. In addition to observing real mice, the children can playfully imitate the behavior of the mice. The main focus is on climbing, dangling and hiding. But also fine motor movements are encouraged by topic-related meaning games, distributed over the entire scope. The toddler area, consisting of a small course, visually depicts the natural habitat of the mice. This is followed by a climbing and hiding facility for small children. It visually represents the transition between the natural habitat of the mouse and an environment shaped by human hands, which the mice have also successfully conquered as cultural successors. The core of the play area are accessible boxes and barrels, which are connected by a mesh tunnel. The play area meanders from the ground to the attic. Once at the top, the children can slide back down to the lower floor or watch the animals in the zoo through the attic windows. To counteract the darkness, there are always «feeding holes» on the boxes. Visitors can take a break in the adjacent cafe. Here too, of course, little wooden mice dance around on the tables.

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