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Playground mining in coloured light

A Headframe – as play equipment – reminds us of the past times in this region at the Naturpott Borkenberge campsite in Lüdinghausen. The silhouette of a conveyor system, once a symbol of hard work underground, can be conquered here in a playful way. Especially, the 8 m high winding tower, visible from afar, shows how old and new traditions of a region are linked.

On an area of approx. 11 x 6 m, this compact play unit offers many climbing and sliding options. Ascents over climbing walls, ropes and network tunnels open up new play and movement sequences around the play equipment. Only sand is conveyed here, which the children can load into two lorries. A special feature are the many sensory games within the play unit. In addition to a feeling road beneath the platform, through which one can move like a labyrinth, and various sound games, it is especially the coloured light games that open up a new field of experience for visitors. When the sun is bright shining, the coloured Plexiglas panes in the roof and in the wall of the play unit create a wonderful play of colours. Just as the sun moves, so moves the coloured shadows inside and outside the Headframe too. A beautiful future-oriented image between tradition and modernity.