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With raven and rowanberries to the HohneHof

The Nature Discovery Centre HohneHof is the starting point or destination of hiking, mountain biking or walking tours in the Harz National Park. It invites visitors of all ages to stay and provides suggestions for discovering and enjoying the natural beauty of the Harz Mountains. Due to the location of the premises on the edge of the national park, the HohneHof is both link and mediator between cultural landscape and a fabled mountain wilderness. The national park rangers inform about the peculiarities of the national park, organise walks or give tips on interesting hiking destinations. The «dandelion discovery trail» is especially popular with the youngest visitors. The house has a research area and a café for planning the visit to the National Parks or rounding out the day there.

The colours of the control system are based on the three colours of the logo of the National Park – yellow, orange and green. The colour scheme is soft, flowing into each other, the surfaces are not covered homogeneously and let the timber material shine through. The frames of the signs are rhombic and partly feature branch attachments. In addition to the logo, the mascot of the National Park, the raven, also appears in whole or in part, as a feather, as artistic application in two or three dimensions, as well as the rowan berry.

The guidance system starts at the train station «Drei Annen Hohne». Two signs guide visitors to the parking lot. Here, the large information stand was covered with a roof and the applications described above. The National Park sign, which was included into the guidance system by applying a few wooden rowan berries, follows. From here you can already see two 4 and 5 m high root trees describing a gateway situation of the route to HohneHof. The sumptuous furnishings with the basic elements gives this ensemble a wild and enchanted character. The trail continues past a large sign for the «Dandelion path». This is followed on the way forward by three signposts with «Opening Times», «Almost There» and «Come on in», and wooden rowan berries on a bridge railing. On the lawn in front of the National Park house large climbable play sculptures and benches invite visitors to stay. On the gable of the house a large carved raven welcomes visitors. Within the house the guidance system continues. The branches of a large tree decorate wall and ceiling and feature the orientation signage «Office», «Café», «Laboratory» and «Toilet». In these rooms too, the guidance system continues in many details.

The guidance system on HohneHof is based on a dualism. The design is recurring and diversified, it blends harmoniously into the corporate design of the national park and is a unique feature of the Nature Park Centre HohneHof. Moreover, it has an entertainment value and provides nice photo opportunities. A visit to the HohneHofs is always worth it!